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Multispecialist Team

Single and Shared Objective

The only ‘multidisciplinary’ oncology team incorporating all clinical disciplines with essential supporting branches of Oncoradiology and Oncopathology.

Involvement of single team of paramedics and care givers from diagnosis to discharge which ensures complete and correct delivery of planned treatment.

Qualified in Oncology, Well-trained at high volume RCC

The team qualified in oncology with the longest Institutional and academic experience at Regional Cancer Centre in Gujarat.

The ‘Full Life’ Concept

The only oncology team incorporating reconstruction and rehabilitative services from diagnosis to life-long support and surveillance.

Focussing not only on preserving and prolonging life but also restoring and improving quality of life.

Innovators and Concept Designers

The Oncology team which started in Gujarat for the first time:

  • IMRT
  • Full-time Surgical Oncology in Corporate Sector
  • First BMT in Private Sector

Vast experience in managing all profiles of patients in the Private Sector.

Technology Support and Interdisciplinary interaction

The only centre with all technology support : Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, Robotics, Laser with Fiber (only one in Gujarat), Multidisciplinary and Proven Critical care support with proven track record to manage complicated, high risk cases.

Modern and Futuristic

The only team which focuses on and jointly practices and pursues cancer genomics and molecular oncology supported by expert from one of the most advanced centres in the world in this area.