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GI & HBP - 09/09/2018 (Upcoming Event)

Gynec Conference

Sterling Cancer hospital and Advait oncology has arranged half day CME in association with AOGS on sunday morning at courtyard Marriott, Ahmedabad on 24th June on "ONCOLOGY IN GYNEC CLINIC".

The scientific programme had interesting interactive sessions in Onco gynecology , panel discussions covering early detection, diagnosis and management of uterine as well as ovarian cancer and , debate on very current procedure of use of laparoscopy verses Robot for gynec and Oncogynec cases , quiz with prizes.

Here are summary of each topic.

"Fertility preservation - Step Child "

FP is the effort to help cancer patients retain their fertility or ability to procreate.

It is thus defined as a method of providing future reproductive opportunities in young cancer patients when cancer treatment having risk of loss of fertility.

With advancement in modern treatments of cancer, almost 80% of children and adolescents are long term survivors and out of that - 60-80% face infertility as a side effect of cancer treatment. Fertility preservation counselling is important at critical time to preserve future fertility. Before or during cancer treatment, the preservation options in form of medical, surgical or assisted techniques can help young survivors to retain future fertility and endocrine functions. But... The unawareness about preservation options and negligence for fertility sparing treatment is yet too high... Which needs utmost importance to reduce cancer related infertility in young cancer patients for better quality of survived life .

Medically by giving high dose progesterone in early uterine cancer. GnRH analogue as Co treatment with chemotherapy in young females to preserve ovarian functions. Surgically by ovarian transposition before pelvic Radiotherapy and organ preserving conservative surgeries in early gynec cancers. Oocytes and embryo preservation are now established assisted reproductive techniques. Ovarian tissues preservation, though considered experimental at present, has wider clinical application and advantage of keeping fertility window open for a longer time. There is a need for collaboration between oncologists and reproductive specialists to improve awareness.

Diagnostic Imaging Pathways- Adnexal Lesions.

The session will cover structured evaluation of adnexal lesions to allow for improved communication of results and recommendations for follow up or surgical treatment.

Radiotherapy has a vital role in management of cancer cervix . With a paradigm shift in Radiotherapy Technology over last 2 decades with IMRT, IGRT, Adoptive Radiotherapy and 3D Image Based Brachytherapy Better Tumor Coverage and OAR Sparing is feasible which leads to improve locoregional control , improve survival with better Quality of life .

Extended field Radiotherapy and Reradiation are now feasible with proper patient selection and utilising appropriate technology.

Health talk at Palanpur

"A health talk was organized by Sterling Cancer Hospital at Palanpur on 07/07/2018 to create awareness about breast cancer and how lifestyle changes and diet can help in reducing chances of developing breast cancer. Dr Neha Shah, consultant radiologist at Sterling Cancer Hospital presented a talk on early detection, symptoms and myths of breast cancer. Dr Ramila Patel, consultant dietician at sterling cancer hospital presented a talk on how lifestyle and diet changes help in reducing the changes of developing breast cancer."

Thyroid CME & Workshop - 25th Feb 2018

One day Hands on workshop in Breast Imaging

"One day Hands on workshop in Breast Imaging was held at Sterling Cancer Hospital Ahmedabad on 1st July, 2018. It was first of its kind event in Gujarat in association with IRIA ( Indian Radiological and Imaging Association ) and BISI ( Breast Imaging Society of India ). The workshop was conducted by renowned national faculties and it was attended by more than 60 delegates."